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This could be the day when all your hard work finally pays off! Keep your eyes out (and ears open) early in the day for quiet discussions behind closed doors at work. They could be talking about you, and the conversation is quite flattering! Your inbox could be flooded with positive messages about a job well done. Save these e-mails for your next meeting with the boss. Use them to remind those in power how valuable you are. They already know it, but having the proof never hurts.

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Just because you’ve always done something one way, doesn’t mean you have to keep doing it that way. Try mixing things up. Even small changes can make a big impact.

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You don’t suffer fool gladly. As a matter of fact, you see very little reason to suffer fools at all. However, if it’s your partner who’s acting a touch foolish, try to cut them just a teensy bit of slack, okay?


It’s a good day for hanging with your friends, but only if you get your finances in order first. Do yourself a favor and balance your checkbook before you commit to an amount you’ll spend.



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