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So what if folks aren’t giving you your props. They may have been bitten by the green-eyed monster! If others are giving you a hard time for feeling cocky, it might also be karma’s way of sending you a message. Next time the people around you score a big win, try hard to be the first one to congratulate them, and mean it! The generous energy you put out will come right back to you when it’s your turn to shine.

Singles Lovescope

Find the line between honoring your emotions and letting them stand in your way. If you’re nervous about calling your crush, acknowledge it with a freak-out to a pal. When that’s done, get calling.

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Time to rethink that grand scheme you had for your relationship. Some new factors mean it’s time to change the original blueprint. Use all your ingenuity and consult with experts as you two put new plans in place.


You deserve to celebrate, but be sure you don’t go off the deep end doing it. If you need a way to reign yourself in, then remind yourself of your strict budget. That should go a long way toward ensuring you don’t overdo it.



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