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It looks like introverted tendencies can even happen to you. Rare as these occurrences may be, you need to deal with them from time to time just like everyone else. Rather than trying to force yourself into social situations, take some time to step back and just be yourself by yourself. Focus on more solitary tasks like figuring out what you want to do with your future. That’s a big one and could easily take long enough that by the time you’re done you’re back to your social self.

Singles Lovescope

You’re thinking on your feet today, so quickly that you might miss the nuances of a flirt, or you might race too hastily through the part of the conversation where you assess your own feelings. Take it slow.

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One of your best attributes is that you can have fun with topics that everyone else insists are completely serious. Your significant other loves that you can puncture a pompous atmosphere with a few well-chosen words.


As much as your finances need a new direction, you’re helping yourself by not planning a new strategy. It’s not a good time to do so, wait a few more days and you will be good.



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