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Relationships are about creating a healthy balance of power, and you’ve been the one giving it up for too long. It’s time to get things back to an equitable state and for you to get more of what you want. Today, it’s not only okay for you to push the scales so they tip in your favor, it’s healthy for the relationship. The other person won’t put up nearly the fight you fear they will. They’ve grown a bit tired of being the leader for so long. They’re ready to hand over the reins.

Singles Lovescope

Your emotions are out there, but your crush seems quite aloof. Two people can’t always be on the same page. Don’t worry. They’ll come around soon. This isn’t about you.

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Your sweetheart feels like you’ve been MIA because of work. You feel like you’ve explained how important this project is and how much time it needs. Ask if you can talk about this at a later date — but remember that promise.


If you want more money, you’ll have to get more work. No one can squeeze anything extra out of what you’re doing now, not even your boss. So don’t bother asking for a raise, at least not today.



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