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There could be a critical event that shakes you into reality today, but this probably isn’t something that’s going to affect you directly, so there’s no need to worry. More likely, there’s something going on in the world that will suddenly be extremely relevant to your life. Your role in society is something you can change if you want to. Be kinder to the strangers you meet and you’ll soon notice a significant change in how you feel about the world.

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Don’t take it to the next level until you’re really familiar with this person. You want to be on steady ground in case you’re dealing with an emotional chameleon, so don’t make any decisions yet. Just keep talking for now.

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Trusting yourself is the first step toward trusting another person. Believe in your choices and know that your instincts are working in your favor. If you’re constantly second-guessing yourself, find out why.


No matter how conservative you are with spending, your budget is still in trouble. It’s time for radical cost cutting measures. Think Edward Scissorhands if you need a reference, then let yourself go to town.



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