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Why are you resisting taking the advice that people in your family have been giving you? Do you think it’s a sign of failure to do something that they suggest you do? Nonsense! They love you and want you to be happy — and they think they know how that can happen. Sure, they might be wrong — but your plans might be wrong, too. And going along with their plans will help you at least gain a fresh perspective on the issues you’re struggling with. What have you got to lose?

Singles Lovescope

You’re a social creature, but even butterflies need to rest every now and then. Relaxation and alone time are definitely in order. Give yourself plenty of time to think. Something startling might come to you.

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Tidy up your heart space. Dust away the cobwebs of past relationship fears and empty out your emotional baggage. It’s time to get your love life organized.


Think about regaining healthy feelings. It’s just the right time of year. Instead of simply adding up the numbers, be more calculating when it comes to serving others. The payoffs are ultimately higher.



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