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Very little could put a damper on your high spirits today. In fact, it’s more than likely you’ll raise other people’s energy. You know just the right thing to say to make someone feel better about whatever. Most of what you say is sincere too. No wonder you’re at the top of everyone’s social list. Check your messages often. You’ll probably get a steady stream of them. A happy surprise could be on its way.

Singles Lovescope

Sometimes opposites don’t attract. In fact, you could find comfort in someone just like you. If you have too little in common with a potential love interest, move on.

Couple Lovescope

Feeling inhibited is the worst, especially when you’re around your partner. When it comes to passion, you have to say what’s on your mind and in your heart or you’ll end up feeling resentful later. Being truthful is better.


Go for intellect rather than emotion. Market psychology isn’t everything. Be smart about the investments you make instead of feeling for the pulse of the economy.



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