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Get together with a group and help make your world a better place! If you can’t find people to help you get things done, then organize your very own beautification project. Starting a recycling program, painting murals, collecting trash on the beach, or even just trimming shrubbery would be an excellent use of your time and good exercise. You can do something to make things better. Why not start by making things look better?

Singles Lovescope

A friend’s insight and sage wisdom will help you get through a rough patch on the road to love. Take their advice to heart. Your buddies want the best for you. Show them that you can change for the better.

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Your partner’s in great spirits about something and wants to celebrate. And you? All you want to do is take a nap. Try to rally for their sake. They’d do the same for you. Besides, you’ll enjoy it.


You take great comfort in your routine these days. It’s nice to have something to rely on, even if it’s of your own making. But let yourself shake things up a teeny, tiny bit today, then watch the coins fall to the floor.



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