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You need to learn how to brag a little! You can’t shy away from crowing a bit about your accomplishments or they might go completely unnoticed. There is absolutely nothing wrong with tooting your own horn, as long as you don’t blow it too loudly. Trust yourself to know where that fine line is between pride and conceit. Right now, too many other, less deserving people are getting the credit (and the opportunities) that you deserve. This needs to end.

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You’re coming up with the next big plan, so put on your thinking cap. Do some research, too. What’s happening that’s so new no one else has there and done that?

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A stressful day has left you looking forward to a relaxing evening. Set the mood by filling your home with candles and enjoying a cozy dinner with just the two of you.


If your emotional nature is your driving force, ask yourself honest questions. Did you feel the downturn coming? If not, then it’s time to listen to someone with a different opinion than yours.



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