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You may be starting to be more ambivalent about the future, especially in terms of your career. These unexpected feelings about ambition or advancement might seem like a bad omen, but they are just part of a natural growth process you’re going through. You cannot always be driven and goal-oriented. Sometimes, you need to just walk down the path of life checking out the view. Besides, this period probably won’t last long. You’ll soon be scheming new ways to get up the ladder again.

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Your popularity is soaring. You’re the best dressed and most likely to succeed and prom royalty. Enjoy the attention. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon.

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Your partner’s the person you want to be with most in the world, except for those moments when they’re not. That’s fine. No one person can be everything to you, and vice versa. Don’t make yourself feel bad about it.


Making money is a balancing act, that’s nothing new, but what you have to balance is. Sift through current projects and get back to a good mix of profitable and possibly profitable.



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