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Don’t be afraid to use flattery to get what you want today. It’s a powerful tool, one that you don’t use enough! Just make sure that the glowing comments you toss out are based on truth. People know when they’re being schmoozed. There is also a big chance that you’ll be the recipient of a few nice comments today. Take each one with a grain of salt and you’ll learn how to have a healthy ego without letting anyone take advantage of you.

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Your ideas today could be met with some skepticism, but that doesn’t mean they’re dead in the water. Keep working on them until you shut down the naysayers. Someone close is impressed by your perseverance.

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Do your dogmatic views on love keep you in the Dark Ages? Follow your heart to a new age of enlightenment. Change your ways before you’re all alone in your beliefs.


You are engaged in an intense inner struggle. It has been eating up all of your energy and time, and even some of your money. Once you wrestle this weirdness to the mat, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much extra you have of all three. Make it your priority.



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