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Still thinking about traveling? Well, the moment has come to stop thinking and start planning. If you have vacation time coming, there’s no better time to take it, especially since things have loosened up a bit at work. If you have a favorite person you’d like to drag along for the ride, by all means get him or her in on the action sooner rather than later.

Singles Lovescope

There’s some gossip running around your social circle. Like a fun-loving kid, you want in on the action, but once you get a whiff of what’s being discussed, you decide to back off. That’s a wise decision.

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Getting what you want right now is like taking candy from a baby but not as mean. And you can bet that no one’s crying, especially not your partner, who’s there to enjoy the spoils right by your side.


There is a message about you that is being disseminated far and wide, and it’s not a pretty one. The messenger? You. Take a long, hard look in the mirror and make a few changes before pitching your ideas to anyone.



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