Daily Forecast Virgo 05-28


Virgo Daily Forecast

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Today could give you a wonderful chance to discover some new details about a person you’ve been trying to get to know better! They’re even more interesting than you thought they were, and the two of you are going to find a whole new common ground. Your ability to connect with others has always been strong, but right now you have the right attitude and the right amount of energy required to really cement a growing relationship whether it’s romantic or not.

Singles Lovescope

At the first sign of desperation, your crush will head for the hills. Regain your confidence before courting someone special. You need to be cool with yourself before you can convince them to make a move.

Couple Lovescope

You’re getting more and more excited about the prospects for this relationship even if you’ve been together for years. Share your feelings with your partner and you’ll both feel good.


Someone might be flirting with you but you’d be the last to know. Being too wrapped up in your financial concerns has you missing out on things that matter. Try to find some balance in life, somewhere other than your checkbook.



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