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Use your creativity during an argument or debate today. You can come up with a funny or amusing way to switch the focus away from the places where you and someone else disagree and toward the places where you have common ground. Creativity is also going to come to your rescue when you’re stuck in a long line or a situation where boredom is likely to overtake you. Entertain yourself with thoughts about how you’re going to spend next weekend. Make your plans while you bide your time.

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Time to let bygones be bygones and start over with a clean romantic slate. Send a nice note to an ex, if that’s been weighing on your mind. Or give a second chance to that so-so first date who a pal swears is great.

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You’re not a kid, but you do need to get some childlike enthusiasm and energy back in your life and relationship. Why not babysit a niece or nephew or volunteer to tutor kids after school?


It makes sense to put all your eggs in one basket. If your motivation is lacking, rope all of your various ambitions into one big lump sum. Focusing on a bigger goal is what will pay off.



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