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Long ago you stopped believing that if you stepped on a crack you’d break your mother’s back or that opening an umbrella indoors would bring bad luck. So why are you holding on to old superstitions about romance? There are no tricks to pull or mistakes to avoid. All you need to do is communicate your feelings clearly and calmly. Stop playing games. You don’t need to read books to know what to do. Your heart knows what to do, so you should start listening to it.

Singles Lovescope

Don’t go solo to that big party or concert. Ask someone new and hot — or take a friend along to that new gallery opening. Groups are best for you now!

Couple Lovescope

No matter how many times you ignore it, it’s still true. Communication is key to making a relationship work. Stop being so stubborn and start talking already. Things will get miraculously easier.


No one will be organized enough, not to mention motivated enough, to move at more than a snail’s pace. Enjoy the state of inertia while it lasts. Things will soon get too complicated to imagine.



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