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Today a friend’s emotional turmoil could really get in your way. You need to value the relationship you have with them by supporting them through tough times, but you also need to be honest with them if their drama is getting to be too much for you. Get to the heart of the matter and be direct in what you say. You need to make sure you make an impact. While your announcement might make them more upset initially, they’ll eventually be thankful for your honesty.

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Put your tendency toward shyness away and let your social butterfly side out. The more people you talk to, the more fun you have. It’s easy. Just ask them about themselves and look fascinated.

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You may be feeling extra sensitive to criticism today. If your loved one says something that hurts your feelings, ask yourself if your reaction is justified. You may be taking their words the wrong way.


Things in the financial arena may have slowed down, but those in your private life are speeding up. You get to feel socially useful in more ways than one. Make sure opening your wallet is part of the plan.



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