Daily Forecast Virgo 06-13


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You’ve had quite a few weeks full of highs and lows, and that’s just not like you! You like to see yourself as an emotional rock, never letting anything as trivial as a passing feeling get between you and your objectives. Now that your emotions are surfacing, you’re having quite a time getting used to them. Fortunately, your partner or best friend is most definitely in the mood to help you out.

Singles Lovescope

Love is all around, if you can only see it. You may or may not have a romantic prospect in your life, but you’re surrounded by affection. Friends, family, coworkers – they all adore you.

Couple Lovescope

You find yourself thinking about what’s next for your relationship today. Maybe it’s time to make those daydreams about traveling to exotic places into a real plan!


You’re conjuring up your ancestors when you repeat their mistakes. You’re also summoning them when you succeed. It goes without saying that you choose to succeed, but you’re sometimes pulled in opposite directions. It’s not a day to expect to get anywhere.



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