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Virgo Daily Forecast

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Someone else’s acclaimed success will shine a bright and flattering light on you today too. You deserve to share this spotlight, so don’t refuse it. It’s a nice gesture to be humble, but you know what you did and that you did it well. Accept a compliment and feel proud of who you are and the role you play in other people’s lives. The fact that you helped someone is almost as important as the way you helped them.

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Stop thinking so much about someone who’s no longer interested in a romantic encounter. Even though the outcome is disappointing, you shouldn’t dwell on a future that will never be. Move on.

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You can look forward to new beginnings in your personal life and beyond. Your relationship continues to grow stronger as you discover more about yourself and the way to relate to one another.


Some people think traveling for work is drudgery. Staying in one place is just plain boring for you today. You can make a buck traveling the world or going around the block today, so do what strikes your fancy.



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