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The time is right for a successful trip — if you are planning any travel, today is the day to push these plans forward and make them happen. Making all the arrangements could take more time than you thought, but there are some amazing bargains and upgrade opportunities just ripe for the picking. All you have to do is look in some unusual places, and you will find them. Get your traveling companion to help you out — after all, the more help, the better!

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An insightful friend might have the solution to a problem that’s been bugging you for quite some time. Listen carefully to suggestions and try out a few. Today could be the perfect time to take back control.

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Your temper is on the verge of little flare-ups if you don’t keep it in check today. Stay cool with your partner and let small problems roll right off your back. If there’s heat between you, let it be the sexy kind!


The most unlikely of people are managing to make the most of the new world economy. Don’t be surprised over and over again. You’d be better served wondering how you’re like-minded instead of marveling at your differences.



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