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You have to spill your real feelings for someone before it’s too late. The mixed signals you’ve been sending could be making this person think you’re not as interested as you really are! Communicate what you are feeling in a way that makes you feel safe. An e-mail, voicemail, or even text enables you to share your emotions without being harshly rejected. Just make sure that you follow up afterward. Your feelings need to be resolved.

Singles Lovescope

You’re really great with just hints and suggestions today and even better with outright invitations. Go ahead and move a situation forward now while you’ve got a knack for interpersonal business.

Couple Lovescope

Let your desires take a back seat today while you focus on your partner’s needs. Encourage them to open up and tell you what’s on their mind.


Keeping up with the Joneses is the last thing on your list of priorities. To your amazement, it’s actually a liberating feeling. Now look for other ways to enjoy your new-found freedom.



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