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There’s nothing you love more than some friendly competition, but be careful, or your healthy sense of rivalry could get so intense that it turns a casual contest into a major conflict. Make sure you catch yourself before it gets that far, and your friendships and relationship will go unscathed. (After all, there’s nothing weirder than seeing a loved one wig out over a game of Pictionary.) Tone it down, and you’ll be in everybody’s good graces where you belong.

Singles Lovescope

Action’s great, especially in the realm of romance, but right now it’s time for a little considered thought. Your awareness is increased by the stars. Use it to figure out the next steps on your path.

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An older relative you haven’t spoken to in a while may get in touch with you today. Don’t be afraid to ask them for relationship advice. They’ve had a lot of experience and they’re happy to share.


You’re having problems in a romantic relationship but it’s not the romance that is at issue. It’s money. Some compromise is not only necessary but it’s the only solution. The amount to be spent is predetermined by your bank account.


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