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This isn’t a good day for collaboration or team activities, because your ability to just do what you’re told and not ask questions won’t be strong. You need to know what’s going on, and you aren’t going to be happy just going along with the crowd. This is a good day for any kind of solo endeavor, especially one that involves a lot of research or reading. Your mind is thirsty for input, and you’re eager to learn something new or complicated.

Singles Lovescope

You have tons of friends. Certainly you’re not the only single person among them. Get down to brass tacks and start networking. Even if you don’t find a date, seek equally detached and like-minded pals for a fresh perspective.

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Your internal state of heart and mind demands your attention now, but you might just seem irritable or removed to your certain someone. Let them know what you’re sorting out and that you’ll share soon.


When it comes to spending money, something just makes you feel uneasy. You’d have to be unusually introspective to figure out what inner turmoil is causing your discomfort, and the bottom line is that it’s good for your budget. So don’t waste time naval gazing about money. Simply leave home without it.


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