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You’ve been feeling so frazzled about meeting all your goals lately that you haven’t stopped to notice that you’re standing on top of a big success! It’s good to have a hungry attitude, but is that hunger keeping you from savoring your victories? You need to appreciate the rewards of your labors today. Slow down and relax for a while. You’ll experience a lot of satisfaction, and it’s going to feel awfully good!

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When you’re trying to get attention, you’re not being yourself. Though you’re fulfilling your short-term emotional needs, nobody sees the real you. It’s hard to maintain the facade, so if you’re looking for a deep emotional connection, get real. Stop with the charades.

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You’re going to feel like bursting when your partner tells you how happy they are. The recognition might come from out of nowhere, or it might relate directly to something you’ve said or done.


You already know how quickly the boost of a new outfit or a good haircut wears off, but you’re tempted to spend your money just the same. You might as well treat yourself well if you’re going to treat yourself at all, even if the effect is fleeting.


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