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The power issues in a relationship are starting to get to you. It looks like maybe you could use a break from one of the partnerships you’re trying so hard to keep in balance. The other person just isn’t willing to work with you on this thing, and they lack a deep understanding of what you really need, despite the fact that you’ve tried to tell them about it time and time again. It’s not the end of things, but it is a sign that you both need your space for a while.

Singles Lovescope

If you’ve got your sights set on somebody special (and you do), today might be the day you pull out all the charm. Ka-boom! They’re charmed!

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got some stuff going on inside that you’re not sure if you’re ready to share just yet. That’s fine. Let it go and just enjoy the time you’re spending with your partner for now.


If you’ve learned anything, it’s to take pride in covering the basics like putting a roof over your head. But you get a bona fide major achievement to bask in today. Not every day can be great, but this one is.


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