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Apply a healthy grain of salt to whatever story someone tells you today. Chances are they’re exaggerating more than a few aspects. Also, you should be very wary of making any big financial commitments right now. Not all of the facts have been given to you, although no one is purposefully trying to trick you. Just be on the ball and be a little bit more inquisitive than you usually are. Your wishful thinking could keep you from seeing the obvious pitfalls.

Singles Lovescope

You’ll want to keep all romantic interactions light and easy today. You can still have fun flirting while you get to know someone, but keep the tone breezy. Save the heavy conversations for another time.

Couple Lovescope

It’s a good time to let cooler heads prevail. Either you or your partner is really feeling hot under the collar about this issue. With the other person acting as a balance, you’ll get this straightened out in no time.


Fitting five days of profits into a three day week is an unrealistic goal. But that doesn’t mean you should throw all hope of making money out the window. Do what you have to stay motivated.


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