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You’re a good listener, and that’s a good thing because you’re going to hear a whole lot. Whether the people in your life are utterly happy or deeply worried about something, they’re more than likely to choose you as the person to tell. So get out your cotton swabs, clean your ears and settle down with your phone in your comfiest chair. You could even take a few notes if you feel like it.

Singles Lovescope

You need to apply your practical side to your love life now. They’re not mutually exclusive. The mysteries of romance can bend to careful planning, so don’t worry about what comes next.

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Saying it like you mean it has an amazing effect: It turns out you really do mean it. Your mate is impressed with your show of confidence. Heck, so are you. You might make it a regular part of your programming.


Desperation drives off people and seems to repel money, as well. Find some pleasure in thinking about your finances, even if you have to get creative to do it.


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