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As inviting as the water may look, it could be freezing cold. Dip a toe into a potential new experience today and get a feel for what you may be in for. Ask people who have gone in before you for their insight, but be sure to use a critical ear. They may have a vested interest in discouraging you. An evaluation could take a few days, so keep your schedule loose and postpone making any big commitments. Caution may force you to go more slowly than usual, but it’s a wise course of action now.

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Reach out or follow up just as soon as you can today. There’s a kind of frantic energy in effect that could leave you behind if you dawdle. You don’t have to push anything in particular, just make contact.

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Avoid making any concrete plans today. You’re feeling like there’s too much up in the air to be able to commit to any one thing. You’ll want to switch to autopilot tonight. Ask your partner to deal with dinner while you relax.


You both had plenty of fun and did your duty. Now it’s time to go out for some excitement. As long as it doesn’t involve spending money, go ahead and explore your options.


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