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Do you want people to think that you have everything covered? If so, try not to control them. The more freedom you can give to the people you manage or work with, the more respect they will feel for you. It’s a logical relationship. By showing them that you have confidence in them, they will have confidence in you. You can’t force anyone to think a certain way, so go with the flow. Trust your work companions.

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You may have to make a difficult relationship decision. Instead of taking everyone else’s advice, try going with your instincts. You know enough about yourself to make a fair and good choice.

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If there’s something that’s been bugging you about your relationship, now is the time to figure it out. Unknown factors will line up clearly for you.


Is it really as bad as all that? Don’t let your deep emotions fool you. Seemingly adult passions really only translate into jealousy over toys, after all.


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