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Your gut instincts might be great for figuring out what to wear on a weekend night, but they are not the best tool for getting a handle on your money matters! It’s time to get serious about what you are spending and what you are saving. There are plenty of great websites and books on the subject of personal finance, and your brain is in the right place to download some seriously helpful information. You can change any situation you’re in if you have the knowledge.

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The day starts as a whirligig of activity, and at first you don’t know which way to turn. Take a deep breath and you’ll soon find that you have a handle on things, and possibly a chance at love, too!

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You’ll figure out a key issue that has been bugging both of you for quite some time, and you’ll want to share your ideas with your partner as soon as possible. Things are definitely looking up!


There are ways to stay within your means and enjoy life at the same time. Cutting out all the fat would be no fun. Don’t discard things just because they are unnecessary. Keeping things interesting and fun is as important as being practical.


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