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Anyone who is telling you to get more discipline and structure in your life is someone you should ignore. You’re doing just fine! This person is just projecting their own worries and guilt on you, so feel free to ignore it. Don’t let their status or powerful position intimidate you either. When it comes to your life, only you know how to run it properly. All that matters is that it works for you, and they have to just deal with it.

Singles Lovescope

Today’s situation might be the best opportunity ever or a crackpot scheme. The romantic outcome depends on your approach, so if something resonates negatively, back out immediately.

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Now is a great time to ask your partner for advice in an area they usually don’t know much about. You’ll be amazed by what comes out if you just drop all pretense and ask.


If only your energy was excited energy. Alas, it’s of the nervous variety. Use it anyway. It may be the only fuel you need to get you over the next looming hill.


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