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This is a wonderful day for you to be doing your thing. Your energy is engaging and approachable, and you’ll have others positively eating out of your hand. People want to hear whatever it is you need to say, so say it loud and say it proud! Public speaking or a public performance might not be your favorite thing to do, but it could give you a rush that even the most thrilling roller coaster can’t deliver.

Singles Lovescope

Take a small risk, maybe change up your appearance in some way. It will raise your confidence level. Then take a slightly larger risk. Before you know it, your love life will be rocking.

Couple Lovescope

If you’ve got something to say to your certain someone, don’t delay. Just think it through and say it with feeling (and with regard to their feelings as well). If you throw in something sweet, well, even better!


You have a lot of financial issues to deal with and they run the gamut, from finding wadded up receipts in the bottom of a bag to making major retirement decisions. You can’t put them off, though, so take them by the horns.


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