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Be very mindful of the type of advice that you give out to a close friend today. If you don’t explain yourself thoroughly, they could get the wrong idea. Passing on the lessons you’ve learned is an act of generosity, but you should understand and accept the fact that whoever you’re talking to won’t necessarily do what you suggest. Respect their choice to listen to you or not, and don’t let it affect how you view them as a friend.

Singles Lovescope

If you use dating apps, give your profile a fun and funny update and fire off a few short and sweet messages to intriguing individuals. If you don’t, at least take a look. Someone compelling may beckon.

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If you have something you’re not sure how to address with your partner, seek out the support of your friends. They can make suggestions for how to best handle the situation.


You spent the entire day yesterday being of service to others, and now you’re ready to focus on yourself. Don’t feel bad doing it, either. Consider it yet another opportunity to look inward and find ever more reason to be thankful.


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