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You are feeling confident and ready to take a big risk right now, but before you leap ahead, stop and think for a minute. Are you fully prepared for this gamble? What if the worst-case scenario comes true? It isn’t about thinking negatively, it’s about being prepared in case things don’t go your way. Taking a big risk and being foolhardy aren’t the same thing. Go ahead and do whatever you think is right, but don’t go forward without examining all aspects of what might happen.

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Consider midday dates and get-togethers. It’ll take the pressure off! Try flirting at your favorite coffee shop, for example, or meet your new love interest for lunch instead of dinner.

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In every relationship, there’s a time and a place to have those big talks, but you really have to choose the moment well. Banter and light conversation are more your speed than anything heavy right now.


No matter how much money is coming in or going out, you’ll never make a profit unless you stay organized. That means don’t let yourself get flustered or distracted by the news.


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