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The simple fact that you’re going to allow someone — whether you know it or not now — to offer you their congratulations, possibly in a public place … well, that’s a pretty major thing for you. That in itself is a good excuse to take yourself out for a treat or do something to spoil yourself. But let’s not forget that you’re getting those pats on the back for a reason. Go ahead. Do it up.

Singles Lovescope

Someone close is going through a hard time. Your ability to empathize makes all the difference, so offer company and a willing ear. Your friendship is appreciated, and they are sure to return the favor someday.

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Get out the magnifying glass to investigate why your beloved clams up sometimes. They might just need some alone time but not know how to ask for it. Find out.


Others are hoping you have the answers they need, but you can only do so much. Be as creative as you can be with what you have, and leave it at that. The other principles involved are adults, after all, and you don’t have to be their leader.


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