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You can’t have everything in your life exactly way you want it right now. Your life has to be all about give and take for the time being. It’s not that you’ve been acting selfishly, but you shouldn’t hesitate to give in here and there or sacrifice a few things you don’t absolutely need. It will end up helping you appreciate what you have all the more. Making this sacrifice could go a long way toward impressing the people you need to impress.

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You’re never quite as attractive as you are when you’re involved in something you’re enthusiastic about, unless it’s when you’re gushing over it. Figure out what gets your motor purring and then do it.

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A disagreement with your partner may not get resolved when you realize there is no right or wrong answer. Try to reach a compromise so you both feel like you are getting what you need.


Is the point of all your activity really money? That realization is a bit depressing today. You want more out of life and a career than just a roof over your head. You can’t act on the thought now, but do delve into it once you’ve completed your tasks for the day.


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