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Your high-spirited attitude will enable you to challenge someone in a constructive and positive way, so don’t be shy about objecting to someone’s silly or illogical statements. While a lesser person might jump down someone’s throat for this, you know that it is much wiser to focus on the good in what they have to say, not the bad. When you help lift people up, you get a lot more cooperation, and your popularity will stay just as high as it always has been.

Singles Lovescope

You’ve got it going on when it comes to romance today. You’re fun, funny, brainy, and sexy as all get out. Engage on all levels with everyone you meet, and snap up some karmic extra credit for sharing the love!

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There’s been too much agenda setting and planning in this relationship lately. Give yourself and your partner a day or two to do nothing but follow your whims. It’ll refresh you romantically and spiritually.


Doing something for yourself doesn’t have to entail spending money. The act of spending itself is what soothes you, not what you actually buy. Once you realize that, the entire exercise seems useless. But you will stumble upon a more valuable way to make yourself feel better. Enjoy.


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