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You could be feeling the urge to just stay in and snuggle up today, and if you can do it, go for it! Even if everyone you know has their nose to the grindstone, think of it like this: yesterday was tiring and tomorrow could be tough, so you’re entitled to a break in the action. Take this opportunity to recharge your batteries.

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Fresh romantic opportunities and distant places are intimately linked for you now, so stay alert for any chances to travel. Practice being open-minded while staying true to yourself.

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Today gets off to a slow start, but it will end on a high note. You’ll start with some simple tasks at work but then move into more complex projects as the day progresses. By the time you get home, you’ll feel productive and powerful — and ready for some serious downtime with your lover.


Your entire reputation doesn’t hinge on one event, but it feels that way. Don’t let the pressure get to you. Keeping your creative juices flowing is imperative and stress does just the opposite. Work on simple accompaniments to get yourself into the groove for the main event.


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