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Give yourself the gift of peace and quiet today. It’s not selfish to want to be by yourself. It’s healthy. You’re in an inward phase of life, which will help you recharge your emotional batteries, center yourself, and get better prepared to be there when the people you love need you. Be honest with your needs, and as long as you keep your people in the loop, they’ll be cool with you pulling back from the social scene for a little while. Everyone needs a break once in a while!

Singles Lovescope

Get the party started! You shine like a spotlight at all social events today and tonight, so get on the move. See more new places and more new faces. Create opportunities for new connections!

Couple Lovescope

You’ve got an active imagination and a vivid fantasy life to go along with it. Don’t be shy. Let your partner in on those secret ideas! You might find they’re willing to make some of your fantasies come true.


Don’t bother to add up the columns. What looks like a sea of bobbing disparity is under the surface a communion of people with similar values. Enjoy the party.


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