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The bumpy road you’ve been on for a while could get a whole lot smoother today. What’s funny is that while you’ll love the change of pace, a part of you is going to miss all the drama. An easy life can become boring, and this is something you understand all too well. Just try to enjoy this more peaceful period while it lasts. Don’t wish it were different, because soon enough it will be! This lull in the action will give you a chance to regroup and recharge.

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You’ve had a hard time communicating with your family lately. Sometimes the happiest news can be twisted into a guilt fest. Don’t let negativity ruin your chances of getting closer to blood relations. Be patient and keep trying.

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Start your partner’s day on a high note by tucking a romantic note under their coffee mug. Small gestures that show you care can have a big impact. You can be sure they won’t forget it.


Your idea of fun is totally out there. A simple hike in the woods is not for you; you’re more likely to scale Mount Everest or raft along the Amazon. That takes money, though, so use the thought of adventure as your carrot on a stick.


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