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The path ahead of you is in a state of unrest right now. There is a lot that is still to be decided, and those choices have to be made by other people. If you rush forward and just hope for the best, you might be adding more chaos to your life than you can handle. Wait until the uncertainty fades and you get a clearer picture of where you need to go. The future is something you should enter with a clear understanding about what you’re setting yourself up for.

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It might be time to spruce up your online presence. Take new photos for your dating profile and update your interests and hobbies!

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Experiment. Whether you’re navigating emotions or trying to save water doing the dishes by hand, go ahead and give something new a shot. You just might learn something.


Not being understood can lead to serious financial problems. Having communication problems at work seriously affects your bank account balance. Think about each thing you have to say and be as precise as possible in saying it.


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