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Put a lid on your spending for now. Excessive purchases could hold you back from getting the things you really want later. If you put more energy toward researching a purchase, finding alternative ways to get the same thing at a lower price, or waiting for a sale, you will learn a good lesson in patience and a get better understanding of the value of material goods. Just because you have more money right now doesn’t mean you should spend it all at once. Be conservative.

Singles Lovescope

You are energized by others. Use this newfound momentum to your advantage. Get things done that have been on your to-do list for too long. You’ll soon have time for more intimate activities.

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Just when the two of you were clicking so well, something disrupts the flow. Your scientific side would like to know exactly why, but your emotional wisdom says only time will tell.


Your enthusiasm is infectious. So is your arrogance. Someone around you is working your nerves and it takes a while to realize where they picked up their bad habits. You’ll get a bird’s eye view of how to make a better impression.


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