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It’s not just your imagination. Everything really is happening in sets of two — which just so happens to be your favorite number. And with things going along as well as they are, you’re only too happy not just to share, but to cut everyone in on your happiness. So when a friend ambles by with a sad story — or two — you’ll be happy to give them some time. And you’ll make them feel better, too.

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A friend might contact you to talk. Even though you don’t have an easy solution for their relationship problems, you might be helping them just by listening. Sometimes people just want to be heard, not fixed.

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If you’ve been slacking off your exercise routine, kick it back into gear. You’ll feel healthier and look better, too. And when you’re feeling good about your body, you’re more inclined to show it off!


You’re separating the wheat from the chaff and not a minute too soon. You’ll be starting fresh in more ways than one next week. If you’ve attracted a lot of flighty people recently, consider it a lesson learned. You’ve paid good money to graduate from the school of hard knocks.


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