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A new supervisor, co-worker, or rule could turn your daily schedule upside down and quite possibly leave you wondering what to do next. But if you stay flexible and keep in mind that the only constant is change, you may not only adapt, but you’ll also learn to love your new circumstances. In the meantime, expect the unexpected, and don’t get comfortable. Change is definitely en route. Your job is to make the end result positive for all parties concerned, especially you.

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Stand up for yourself! You hate being treated like a doormat, so don’t let people walk all over you. You want to be liked, that’s only human, but you don’t have to surrender to every suggestion.

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Instead of climbing up on your soapbox to tell your partner how it’s going to be, meet them halfway and figure it out together. That’s what a relationship is all about, and it can even be fun.


It’s not an easy day, but then, you don’t like things particularly easy. Things turn around quickly enough anyway. A single phone call or email regarding income or a bill will change everything and has you sighing with relief.


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