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Sometimes you don’t need to know every single detail before getting involved in something new. And in some cases (like this latest development), it could be much better if you don’t know too much ahead of time. Too many details could confuse you, overwhelm you, or give you reasons to back out of something that you should dive into. Grab all of your spontaneous impulses and take that leap of faith. All signs indicate that you will land squarely on your feet.

Singles Lovescope

Someone who seems to share your romantic quest may actually have a very different agenda, not necessarily a bad one, just not what you were thinking. Ask direct questions and get some answers.

Couple Lovescope

The two of you are most likely feeling social. Well, you are, anyway! It’s a great time to hang out with other couples. Don’t be surprised if they envy your stability.


You’ll learn an important lesson when you least expect it, or maybe you’ll realize something that’s been slowly dawning on you. It might not involve money but it certainly affects it indirectly. It changes your opinion of the way things are handled. In fact, it changes your entire worldview.


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