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Find a way to express what’s in your heart without going overboard. The first thing you need to do is examine your motives. Are they entirely altruistic, or are there some hidden influences that should be uprooted before you speak your piece? If so, sit down and get some clarity before you start talking, or else your audience may need an intermission to make it all the way to the end.

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You could meet someone who appeals equally to your intellect and your more romantic side. It feels good to have a deep conversation while swooning on the inside!

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A little sacrifice is necessary in every romantic situation. Just make sure this one is being put in the proper perspective. Also, remind yourself that playing the martyr can get awfully uncomfortable after a while.


You don’t have enough money for the unusual dinner you have in mind. You’re dreaming big at least in gastronomic terms. You can still achieve a lot on your budget if you put your mind to it and let your creativity flow freely. Sometimes that means putting things on the back burner to stew.


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