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Pull back your focus a little bit. You may only be seeing one small aspect of a huge (and growing) situation. What you think is a potentially drastic problem is really nothing to get worked up about. What you may not realize is that other people are involved, and they’ve been doing a killer job of holding up their end of things. If you step back and look at the big picture, it will become immediately apparent that not everything has been resting on your shoulders. You can let go a bit.

Singles Lovescope

Gifts, fancy dinners, flowers – that’s kids’ stuff, and you’re all grown up. The person who will catch your fancy now meets you on your own intellectual ground and challenges you there.

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Give your main squeeze the benefit of the doubt, and do it without reservations. Nitpicking may feel satisfying or give you the illusion that you’re in control, but it doesn’t do either of you any good in the long run.


Don’t let yourself let go quite yet. For now, focus on coming up with a new budget, if only for the month. Then, don’t leave home without it!


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