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If you end up dealing with an arrogant person today, try not to let their bad behavior tarnish who they are in your eyes. Sometimes when people get put into a difficult situation, they lash out and act defensively or impolitely. Perhaps this boorish person is just feeling insecure. Try to understand that one encounter won’t give you a complete idea of who they really are. Give this person another chance to impress you. You will be very glad you did.

Singles Lovescope

You might need to deal with extremes today, but it’s likely that the truth and your emotions aren’t really far from one side or the other. Avoid bold romantic risks while you’re in this mood!

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You may be feeling like nothing is happening in your relationship, but you just need to be a little bit patient. Small changes are taking place, and they’ll add up to something significant.


You can’t afford a chip on your shoulder. If forgiveness isn’t in the cards, then forgetting still can be. Just don’t waste another minute thinking of riches that might have been. It’s just precious time stolen from money-making in the here and now.



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