Daily Forecast Aquarius 04-10


Aquarius Daily Forecast

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Big workplace rewards are in store for you, so try not to fret about what might go wrong. You could get so tied up in knots that you can’t move at a time when action is absolutely crucial to your success. Push yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Take off in some new direction and show off your skills, including a few that most people don’t even know you have. You shine in anything that requires a way with words.

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Why give in to your usual mundane activities when you can inject some excitement into your life? Reject the norm and do something totally different that you’ve always wanted to try. Be adventurous in life.

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You’re like the White Rabbit today and your partner is like Alice, or vice versa. Anyhow, one of you is rushing and the other one is confused, and that’s no recipe for love in your Wonderland!


You’re not a naturally outrageous or extravagant person. In fact, you’re more like a chameleon than a peacock. But today, you can’t help but stand out. Take advantage of the attention you get today; you certainly deserve it.



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