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There are many ways to journey through life, but you will only know the path you choose to travel. This is a wonderful day to expose yourself to new art, especially if it’s from a different culture. Turn the dial on your radio or television to a foreign-language broadcast. Leave it there for a few minutes. You’ll be surprised how intriguing you find it. Every now and then, it’s wise to travel down an unfamiliar side street.

Singles Lovescope

Undercurrents of dissatisfaction with your social life could end up tainting new relationships. Negativity isn’t what people seek. Keep a positive outlook and you’ll soon be surrounded by people requesting your presence.

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Take care of yourself the way you would a dear and trusted friend. It helps if your darling is by your side, but if you’re going solo today, lavish yourself with compassion. A bubble bath wouldn’t hurt.


Are you willingly helping people or are they secretly siphoning off your energy? If it was money they were helping themselves to, you’d be up in arms. Make the same kind of fuss over your psychic and emotional stores.



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