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They say that the little things are profound, and that is definitely true in your life right now. Make sure you have all the details of your life taken care of. Tidy things up and tie loose ends. It’s an especially good time to catch up on paperwork. Any outstanding bills should get taken care of as soon as possible even if it means you have to put off some indulgences. This is not the time to spend money on any unnecessary items.

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You’re generous almost to a fault. In fact, your magnanimity puts you in direct conflict with others. If you’re sick of picking up the bills and dragging your friends around on your dime, stop. It’s time to equal out the economic power in your relationships.

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Sweep your partner off of their feet and take charge of the evening. You’re filled with good energy, and they’ll be happy to follow along with your plans or spontaneity!


You can’t get out of a family gathering, which is a blessing in disguise. Being social is just what the doctor ordered. The energy you gather may or may not get translated into money, but it’s a boost just the same.



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